Live from the SES Show Floor

We talked to a whole lot of people today at SES. Guests include Dave Davies, Curtis Dueck, Michael Gray, Mike McDonald and some guy named Matt.

NeO here adding some content to this post… We mentioned the YouTube video and the Michael Gray “Are Paid Links Evil?” power point… so here ya go!

7 Responses to “Live from the SES Show Floor”

  1. Excellent video and ideas. Found very useful. Thanks for post

  2. Billy Marks says:

    Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing guys!

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  4. David Brown says:

    Thanks DugDale! I added the video to the post… And glad to have ya here, AWESOME video!

    DB / NeO

  5. Dugdale says:

    If you are looking for the link to the YouTube video, here it is:

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  7. Brent says:

    I agree 100% with what cshel said about getting sites out the door as soon as possible. As soon as the core features of what you are working on are ready, the site needs to go live so it can start serving it’s purpose. Then minor bugs can be fixed, and features can be added later. I’ve developed software for companies and had it ready to go only to see it get hung up in proofing and design for weeks while they decide on what color it should be, or whether it should have rounded corners! So frustrating…

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