Beginning Keyword Research

Keyword research is a complex task, so how do you go about starting? We’ve had to do that a few times now, so learn from us how to go about properly starting the research process and what tools are out there to help you in the task.

7 Responses to “Beginning Keyword Research”

  1. You mentioned an algorithm, DS*2/C = DS/C*DS, in this installment. How do I use that to rank KEI for the list of keywords I developed? I started this as a designer, I turned into a marketer, but making the leap to mathematician may be tough… Any help is appreciated.

  2. asifsiddiqui says:

    Quantcast is great stuff, thanks David & Brian for the wonderful peace of information, i am having lot of fun with Quantcast

  3. David Brown says:

    I’m having fun playing with quantcast and doing the podcasts :)


  4. slayerx says:

    Found Quantcast to be really useful thanks for the tips guys.

  5. StatMan says:

    Quantcast is awesome. And you can’t beat the price since it is free. That is going to be one of my most used tools for a while.

  6. Brian Mark says:

    Who’s having more fun… us doing the podcast or you playing with quantcast? ;)

  7. StatMan says:

    Good basic stuff. I can’t wait to do a bunch of keyword research for my blogs and a future business possibility. Thanks for very helpful advice. It sounds like you two are having fun doing this. Keep up the good work for us newbies.

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